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About The Suffolk Cat

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Personality; The Suffolk cat has an almost dog-like character and is devoted to its owner and family. It is extremely talkative, brave and very happy to accompany its owner on their travels, even wearing a harness.


They make an ideal house cat as they prefer the company of their owner, rather than being left to wander.  As kittens they never use their claws and comically fall off things!


They have endless patience and make ideal children's companions.  They are highly intelligent and extremely nosy, they will be the first to greet visitors in your home.  They love playing games and will play fetch for hours on end.  


The Suffolk integrates well with other breeds of cat and enjoys the companionship of dogs.

A shiny coat, emerald green eyes and

an outstanding temperament

Care; As with all cats, the Suffolk needs a balanced diet to maintain its exceptionally shiny coat.  Foods that contain oils such as mackerel, tuna, etc are highly beneficial to their wellbeing.  Their weight needs to be carefully monitored as some individuals may have a tendency to overeat.  Their coat is low shedding, single in texture and very easy to look after.  They enjoy being brushed, bathed and polished with a silk scarf - especially useful when preparing for a show.  They are a medium sized cat with females weighing around 3 kilos and males 4 - 5 kilos.


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About The Suffolk Breed Cat Club

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To apply to be a member of the Suffolk Cat Breed Club, please click here

The Suffolk Breed Cat Club is an afilliated member of the Governing Council for the Cat Fancy (GCCF).   As such all members of the club agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the GCCF and subsequent amendments. 

Members are bound by the rules and disciplinary powers of the GCCF in accordance with the Constitution of the Council. The SBCC is working with the GCCF to ensure that a responsible Breeding Programme and Registration Policy is set out for the breed.

The Suffolk Breed Cat Club Committee

The Suffolk Breed Advisory Committee

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